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What are xenon replacement bulbs?

A Xenon replacement bulb is a halogen bulb that has been filled with extra Xenon gas. This extra Xenon gas, combined with better filament technology, gives a greater light output. Xenon replacement bulbs come in generally 2 different styles. Those geared towards styling (with the blue tint), and those designed specifically for maximum light output. Bulbs with a blue coating will naturally emit less light than the equivalent bulb without a blue coating. Because of this, the maximum output bulbs can reach up to 80% improved vision, whereas the blue coated styling bulbs only reach up to 30% improved vision. The 2 extremes of these in our product range are the Alltronix 55w 7500k Ice Blue bulbs, which give only 10-20% improved vision but a noticeable blue tint and the 100w 7500k crystal blues which offer over 40% improved vision and light spread. 

Do I need to modify my car in any way to use these bulbs?

No. These bulbs work on the same power ratings as your existing bulbs so will require no modifications. The exception is the high wattage bulbs which may require you to upgrade the fuse to a higher rating as they can run slightly hotter than standard lamps.

How easy is it to install these upgrade bulbs?

Very easy all our bulbs are just straight replacements for your existing bulbs. Please refer to your owner’s manual for your particular vehicle.

Are these replacement bulbs legal?

We offer products which may not be road legal, in such instances it is purely "The Customers" choice to use these on UK roads, we hold no liability for products fitted and used in a way that would cause danger to others or put you or your car beyond the UK road regulations Traffic Act.

Products that are e-marked will be stated on the page as appropriate.

Will these bulbs fit my vehicle?

If your car or van was manufactured after 1980 it is almost certain there will be xenon replacement bulbs available, just email us your requirements and we will source the correct fitment bulb for your vehicle.

How do I pay for my bulbs or accessories?

You can pay for your order online by using the add to cart buttons and following the instructions. When going through checkout you will have the option of Secure Credit Card Payment or using PayPal.

Are xenon replacement bulbs the same as the ones you see in some new expensive cars with blue lights?

No. These are known as HID systems. High Intensity Discharge's light output is over 3 to 4 times greater than a halogen bulb, with less heat and power consumption. HID requires an electronic control gear and starter to momentarily apply high voltage to a capsule of inert gases (including xenon) creating an intense arc of white light. HID emits brilliant white light. A 35W 4300k HID produces a light closer to natural sunlight compared to a 55w halogen. An HID system will typically cost between £50 and £150 pounds, we do of course sell these and ours are the best quality kits with easy to fit instructions.

My order hasn't arrived yet, what do I do?  

We send everything out using First Class Royal Mail postage. Despite our efforts, there can sometimes be unforeseen delivery delays. Please remember this is usually down to the Royal Mail, NOT US. Please wait 21 days after the item shipped date (the date you received the Item shipped e-mail confirmation).

During that time, we recommend that you ask your local postal sorting office if they've already tried to deliver it (even if they didn't leave a card) and ask your neighbours if the package has been left with them. 

You should also check that the delivery address you gave us is correct. Check the delivery address on the Item shipped email.

If your order hasn't arrived 21 working days after the item shipped date and it has not been left with your neighbours or at the sorting office then please contact us and we'll do our best to locate it.

I made a mistake on my delivery address, what do I do ?

Unfortunatley we are not responsible for errors on delivery addresses if you make a mistake and the item has already been shipped it is up to Royal Mil or the courier to return the item uncollected, in many case they will return but a small amount do not, in this situation we are not responsible for the cost and you will be charged for the product accordingly, NO REFUND will be given for errors in delivery address after shipment.

If the item does return a shipping cost we be asked to paid again.

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